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Conference Special Issue.

7(4S), 2016 (July - August) Supplementary Issue

International Conference of Human Computer Interaction on March 10-11, 2016.
Saveetha University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
  1. Wearable and Embedded Device in The Role of Providing Security for Women in Public Places.
    R Vijayalakshmi*, J Gokul Kumar, and S Anusuya.

  2. A Survey on Knowledge Discovery of Healthcare Dataset using Graph based approach.
    M S Saravanan*, and R Sai Manoj Kumar.

  3. Adaptive Food Suggestion Engine by Fuzzy Logic.
    Shanmugasai R*, and Uma Priyadarsini PS.

  4. An Efficient Image Recognizing and Data Retrieval Technique for Medical Image Database using Principle Component Analysis
    SuvelRathneswar M, and RoslineNesaKumari G*

  5. Analysing the Healthcare Image Data using Jpeg Compression method to improve the Clarity
    M S Saravanan*, and Chiranjeevi T.

  6. Automated Routing of Messages using Apache Camel.
    Revathi Devi N*, Anusuya S, and Parthipan V.

  7. Assessment of CBIR for Medical Imagesassociated with low level and high level features.
    RTamilkodi*, G RoselineNesaKumari, and SMaruthuperumal.

  8. Automatic Face Labelling for Identifying the Facial Images.
    M S Saravanan*, and Aarthi RS.

  9. Brain Controlled Artificial Legs by Using Electrode Cap.
    K Sri Harsha, And M Ram Kumar.

  10. Color Texture Representation Using Circular-Processing Based Hue-LBP for Histo-Pathology Image Analysis
    Ramya G* and Uma Priyadarsini PS.

  11. Deployment of Telemedicine System Using Java Media Framework On Mobile Devices.
    M S Saravanan*, and Rohit Kumar.

  12. Detection of Brain Tumour in Medical Images Using Pre-Processing Techniques.
    Surineni Monika, K Malathi*, and SurineniMonisha.

  13. Detection of the Lung Cancer by Using the Wiener Filter with K’means Segmentation Algorithm.
    Amancha Rakesh, KMalathi*.

  14. Dimensionality Reduction of Brain Imaging Data Using Graph Signal Processing.
    R Dhivya* and Uma Priyadarsini PS.

  15. Examination of Infected Plants with AI Robots using the Techniques of Image Processing.
    Vishal NS*, K Malathi.

  16. Face Recognition for Home Security System.
    Pavithra Rani J*, Malathi K.

  17. Feature Extraction and Dimension Redution Using LDA and MFA
    R Dorathy*, K Amareswar, P Pavan Kumar.

  18. Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer between acridinedione and rhodamine – 6G.
    R Krishnaveni* Konakanchi Manideep1

  19. Healthcare Assistance through RFID Sensor with enhanced Video Sensor Networks
    M S Saravanan*, and S Vignesh.

  20. Healthcare Services for Accident Identification Using GPS and GSM System.
    B Pravallika*, and C Rajagopal.

  21. Healthcare Services On Donate to Save.
    MVS Sai Mahesh G*, and C Rajagopal.

  22. Healthcare Services with Medical Consultation Using Mobile Application.
    AP Girisha*, and C Rajagopal.

  23. Healthcare Services with Third Vendor Consultation on Web.
    M S Saravanan*, and S Rahul.

  24. Implementation of face detection using Edge detection and Thresholding.
    SurineniMonisha*, K Malathi, and Surineni Monika.

  25. Medical Image Denoising with Discrete Wavelet Transformation Based Threshold Different Level.
    Hariharareddy J*, and RoslineNesaKumari G.

  26. Meridian ECG Information Transmission System Modeling Using NARX Neural Network.
    K Vanitha*, and Uma Priyadarsini PS.

  27. Neural Network Approaches for the Prediction of Kidney Dysfunction
    ARS Sumanth*, and Uma Priyadarsini PS.

  28. Observation of Drowsiness Detection Based On Vehicle Measurement's.
    V Rohith Kumar*, and S Palaniappan.

  29. Robust and Secure Data Hiding Based On Reversible Method.
    R Shalini*, S Sridevi, and G RoslineNesaKumari.

  30. Secured Online Banking Transactions using QR embedded Biometric Key.
    D Monica*, and Dinesh KhattriChettri

  31. Spoofing Assault Identification Algorithm for ECG to Secure Wireless Body Sensor Network.
    V Parthipan*,M Guru Rajkumar.

  32. Tampering Detection For Jpeg Images Without Preserving using Fourier Domain.
    Sachine Kumar Rajput*, and Parthipan V2.

  33. Transfer Learning Using Convolutional Neural Networks For Object Classification Within X-Ray Baggage Security Imagery.
    P Harsha Vardhan*, and Uma Priyadarsini PS.

  34. Unstructured Big Data in Health Care Using Natural Language Processing
    S Kalaivanan*, and AK Reshmy

  35. Unstructured medical frameworks using big data
    A ArjumanBanu*, and AK Reshmy

  36. A Study of Digital Image Segmentation.
    Z Nahidha*, and G RoslineNesakumari.

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