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Current Issue

Volume 7, Issue 1, 2016 (January - February)

  1. Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis of Amarathus viridis.
    Selvakumar Sivagnanam*, and Anoop Prakash Chandra.

  2. Preliminary Phytochemical Screening of Wrightia tinctoria.
    S.Selvakumar* and Sanjeet Kumar Singh.

  3. An Efficient and Effective In-Vitro Callus Production in Bacopa monnieri by Using Copper Nanoparticles.
    Nilesh V Gandhare, Ratiram Gomaji Chaudhary*, Vaishali P Meshram, Mangesh P Gharpure, Prashant B. Chauke, Priya Kalsaitkar, Jay Tanna, and Harjeet D Juneja.

  4. Succession of Soil Organisms (Microarthropods and Earthworms) During Vermicomposting.
    R Thangaraj*.

  5. The Effect of Alkali Treatment on the Mechanical and Water Absorption Characteristics of Olive Stone Flour Reinforced Polystyrene Composites.
    Hamida BOUSSEHEL, Ahmed MEGHEZZI, Nadia NEBBACHE, Samira MAOU*, Mohamed SLIMANI , Amina LOUCIF*

  6. A Relationship between Tooth Loss and Periodontal Disease with Increased Blood Pressure in Adults: A Population-Based Study in Iran.
    Somaye Ansari Moghadam, Sirous Risbaf Fakour*, Alireza Ansari Moghaddam, and Zohreh Abdollahi.

  7. A Comparison between Results of Post-Operative Dressing Of Latent Wisdom Tooth with Single/Conventional Suture Techniques.
    Sirous Risbaf Fakour, Somaye Ansari Moghadam*, Fariba Shahri, and Sahar Soltani

  8. A Survey on Relationship between Post Surgery Infection of Latent Mandible's Wisdom Tooth and Smoking.
    Sirous Risbaf Fakour*, Fariba Shahri, and Somaye Ansari Moghadam.

  9. Molecular Pathogenetic of Cervical Cancer.
    Parameswari P* and Jayalaxmi.

  10. In-silico Analysis of Plant Protease Inhibitors and Motif Analysis.
    Parameswari P*, and Sivaramakrishna Prasad.

  11. Analysis of Pain Killer Drugs by Using Paper Chromatography.
    Sumedha Mohanty* and Suneetha V.

  12. Soil Forensics - Methods and Protocols of Soil Analysis for Criminal Investigations- A Brief Study.
    Chaitanya N Parikh*, and Suneetha V.

  13. A Tale of Two Colonic Injuries: Early vs Late Colonic Injuries Presentation and Their Management.
    Srinath G*, Sasikumar P, Ravishankar KS, and Suresh Babu P,

  14. Evaluation of Albumin Creatinine Ratio as a Screening Test in Diabetic Patients.
    V Sri Lakshmi Priya*, AR Subhashree, and BO Parijatham

  15. Evaluation of Pancytopenia: A 2 Year Study.
    P Rekha*, and BO Parijatham

  16. An Investigation into Stress Distribution and Determination of Optimum Force for Torque Movement on a Tooth Using the Finite Element Method (FEM).
    Fariba Shahri, Sirous Risbaf Fakour*, Farkhonde shahri, and Hadi Hashemzehi

  17. A Rare Case Report of Retroperitoneal Ancient Schwannoma.
    Fathima Nifra M*, Hemalathaganapathy, and Parijatham BO.

  18. A Case Report of Desmoid-Type Fibromatosis (Aggressive Fibromatosis).
    Fathima Nifra M*, Hemalathaganapathy, and Parijatham BO.

  19. Biosynthesis, Characterization, and Antimicrobial Activity of Silver Nanoparticles from Actinomycetes.
    Zeinat Kamel*, Mahmoud Saleh, and Noha El Namoury.

  20. Synthesis and Evaluation of Some New 3-methyl-2-substitutedthiophenes as antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors for Egyptian Lubricating Oils.
    Osman MO Habib, Evelen B Moawad, Ehab Abdel-Latif*, Ahmed El-Mekabaty, and Dawood S Sasi.

  21. Antimicrobial Activity of Water Soluble Chitosan Lactate and Carboxymethyl Chitosan on Aggregatibacter Actinomycetemcomitans and Porphyromonas Gingivalis.
    Paranjyothi Magadi Visveswaraiah*, and Deepak Prasad.

  22. Determination of Ascorbic Acid Based on Heterogeneous Carbon Sensors Modified with Carbon Nanotubes and Gold Nanoparticles.
    Eda Mehmet, Ahmet Hajrizi, Tahir Arbneshi, Kristina Žagar, Anchalee Samphao, and Kurt Kalcher*.

  23. Imaging Features of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Left Maxillary Region.
    Monica Sampath Kumar*, K Kanakaraj and Venkataraman I.

  24. Anatomy of Caecum in Cadavers.
    M Kavimani*, K Suba Anandhi and Christilda Felicia Jebakani.

  25. Comparative Toxicological Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH)-Rich Soot Extracts from Gasoline and LPG-fueled Taxis Using the Zebrafish Embryo Toxicity (ZFET) Test.
    Arnold V. Hallare,Jamie Marie N. Bolinao, Jose Gabriel T. Go, Peter Yuosef M. Rubio, Christian Faderl, and Allan Patrick G. Macabeo*

  26. Applicability of Physicochemical Parameters in Stability and Self-Life Estimation of Ayurvedic Semi-Solid Dosage Form ‘Ashtamangal Ghrita’ at Accelerated Storage Conditions.
    Vipin Kumar Sharma*, Deepika Verma, Usha Sharma, Rajnikant Rohila, and Pandey NN.

  27. Duration of Feeding Black seed (Nigella sativa) to Broiler Chicks and Its Effect on Immune Response, Cholesterol and Gut Microflora.
    Abdullatif M Karmous, Khaled M Ben Naser, Lutfia Abuzaid, and Abdulatif Asheg*.

  28. Awareness among South Indian Adult Group of Population about Dental Caries.
    Nadeem Basha G, and Rajasekaran S.

  29. Phytochemical Analysis of Phaleria macrocarpa Leaves Methanol Extraction and Its Medicinal Effects on Diabetic Rats.
    Noman D Salih*, Norfatin Azmi, Farah Hanim Roslan, and Hanan Kumar G.

  30. Studying Effect of Extract of the Roots of Salep Plants on Serum Factors.
    Maliheh Hajiani, Hossein Kargar Jahromi*, Ali Ghorbani Ranjbary, Zahra Kargar Jahromi, Zahra Khabbaz Kherameh

  31. A Case Report of Cervical Encerclage with Successful Vaginal Delivery.
    Indhumathi*, and Saraswathi

  32. Microbial transformation and HPLC Quantitative Analysis of Sarcophine extracted from five Egyptian Red Sea soft corals Sarcophyton sp.
    Montaser A. M. Al-Hammady*, Ahmed A. Elbeih, Abeer A. Abd El Aty, Abdelsamed I. Elshamy, Ahmed Elkhateeb, and Mohamed-Elamir F. Hegazy.

  33. Anaesthetic management of Video as sisted Thoracoscopic Thymectomy in myasthenia gravis
    Chetan Ashokrao Patil*.

  34. Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity of Some New 2-pyrazolin-5-one-1-carbothioamide Derivatives.
    Ebrahim Abdel-Galil, Ehab Abdel-Latif*, Hussein A. Abbas, and Ezzat M. Kandeel.

  35. Effective Sorbents with High Adhesion for Oil Products.
    Myrzalieva SK, Kozybayev A, and Zhexenbay N*.

  36. Surface Tension of Binary Mixtures.
    Nithya SivakamI G, Swetha V, and Baskaran R*

  37. Physiochemical Characteristics of Functional Tofu Fortified with Garlic (Allium sativum) and Calcium Lactate as a Coagulant.
    Jong-Bo Kim, and Sun Hee Cheong*.

  38. Synthesis and Characterization of Some Novel Hydrazone Derivatives Of 3-(5-Mehylisoxazolyl-3-Ylcarbamoyl) Propanoic Acid.
    Ramu Kakkerla*, Murali Krishna MPS, Srinivas Marri and Nerella Ashok.

  39. Effect of Electrical Stimulation on the Fresh-Killed Meat and On Quality Smoked Sausages.
    Vitaly Nikolaevich Shemyakin, Ildar Kurbangalievich Sharipov, Andrey Ivanovich Ad?shev, Shaliko Zhorayevich Gabriyelyan, Igor Nikolaevich Vorotnikov, Maxim Alekseevich Mastepanenko

  40. Effect of Spraying ‘Taimour’ Mango Trees with Neem and Lemon Grass Oils on Fruit Set.
    Omayma M Ismail*.

  41. Blocking Leukotrienes Receptors Ameliorates Ischemia/Reperfusion Injury In A Rat Model.
    Mahamed Al-Turfy, Fadhil Al-Amran and Najah Hadi*.

  42. The Cardioprotective Potential of Sildenafil in Myocardial Ischemia Reperfusion Injury.
    Najah R Hadi*,Fadhil Al-Amran,Ali A Ahmad, and Mahamad Alturfi.

  43. Optical, Spectral and Thermal Investigations on N-3-Nitrophenyl Acetamide (3-NAA) Single Crystals.
    Niranjana SR, Madhavan J and Victor Antony Raj M*.

  44. A Review on Postpartum Depression.
    Turaj Kazemi*.

  45. A Review on Depression and its types.
    Touraj Kazemi*.

  46. A Review on Anosmia.
    Mostafa Mohammadi *.

  47. A Review on Personality Disorders; Narcissistic and Cluster C.
    Touraj Kazemi1*.

  48. A review on Osteoporosis and its Diagnosis.
    Mostafa Mohammadi*.

  49. A Review on Healthy Cultural Efforts.
    Mohadese Unesi Afzal*.

  50. A Review on Personality Disorders.
    Touraj Kazemi*.

  51. Structural, Theoretical and Experimental Properties of Meta Nitro Aniline (mNA)
    Niranjana SR, Madhavan J and Victor Antony Raj M*.

  52. Performance Improvement of Polysulfone Ultrafiltration Membranes Prepared with LiOH as Additive by UV Photo-grafting Technique.
    SaputraB*, Suprihatin, and NoorE.

  53. Optimization of Culture Conditions for Production of ?-Galactosidase by Bacillus Megaterium NM56 Isolated from Raw Milk.
    Zeinat Kamel, Nawal Magdy Mohamed, and Mohamed G. Farahat*

  54. Investigation on traditional use of Pericopsis (afrormosia) laxiflora (Benth.) stem bark in treatment of infectious diseases caused by Staphylococcus aureus and Shigella sp., two multi-resistants bacteria.
    Ouattara Abou*, Golly Koffi Julien, Touré Abdoulaye, Adima Amissa Augustin, Ouattara Karamoko,and Coulibaly Adama.

  55. A Study of Cytological Findings in Cervical (PAP) Smears in Correlation With Cervical Biopsies.
    Alok Shetty K, Jyoti R Kini*, and Hema Kini.

  56. Study of Microbial Biomass activity in Saline Soils.
    Kareem U Hassan* and Wisam M Abd, and Firas W Ahmed.

  57. Ameliorative Effect of Ferulic Acid on Acrylamide Induced Inflammation and Oxidative Damage in Rat Testes.
    Mahgoub Mohamed Ahmed*, and Gehan El-Menoufy.

  58. The effect of eight weeks rope-jump on leg muscles strength and resting heart rate of 10-11 years old female students.
    Seyede Rezvan Alavi Jahromi*, Seyed Mohammad Nabi Bahrani, Fatima Hashemzadeh, Aboozar Safarpoor.

  59. Relation between Leptin and Estrogen in Breast Cancer: A Literature Review.
    Saba Fooladi, Hamed Akbari*, Moslem Abolhassani, Zeinab Ahmadianpour, Alireza Gholami, and Fatemeh Asadi Circhi.

  60. Efficiency ofSalycilic Acid in the Reduction of Cicer arietinum Infection by Fusarium roseum.
    Bassa Noura*, Senoussi Mohammed Mourad, Oufroukh Ammar, Halis youcef, and Dehimat Laid.

  61. Determination of optimum voltage for tibia fracture across limb in patients treated using DC electric stimulation
    Kumaravel S*, Sridevi M, Prakasam P, MadhavaSarma P.

  62. Knowledge and Awareness of Diabetes Mellitus among Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Southern India
    Yogesh Vohra, Vinay Patidar, Aaron Alexander, Girish Thunga, Sreedharan Nair*, Vijaynarayana Kunhikatta, Raviraja Acharya, Swathi Bhatt, Kesia Shaji Oomen, Alekhya Lavu, and Akansha Kumar

  63. Anti-inflammatory and Antispasmodic Activities of Isorhamnetin Glycosides Isolated from Opuntia ficus-indica(L.) Mill. Flowers.
    Asma SEDDIK AMEUR*, Imane NEGAB, Fatma ZOUZOU, Belgacem LEGSEIR.

  64. Epidemiological and Diagnostic Study for Diarrheic Parasites (Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia lamblia, and Cryptosporidium sp.) Among Diarrheic Infected Patients By Using Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Babylon province, Iraq.
    Mais Khadhim Oliewi*, and Ahmed Khudhair Al-Hamairy

  65. Impact of Bagasse Ash Amended Soil on Growth and Yield of Pisumsativum.
    Gaurav Bhushan*, Saurabh Kumar, Seema Dwivedi,and Santosh Kumar Sharma.

  66. Exopolygalacturonase Production from Jojoba mill Solid Waste by Aspergillus oryzae FK-923 under Solid State Fermentation.
    Abeer A. Keera*, Foukia E. Mouafi, and Eman A. Karam.

  67. Pattern of Peripheral Blood Film Findings in a Tertiary Care Centre in Punjab – A Study of 10,000 Cases.
    Vandana Singla, Vijay Kumar Bodal*, Vikram Jassal, Bal Manjit Singh, Sonima Zakhmi, Nav Kanwar Deep Singh Gill.

  68. Endocrinal dysfunction of Hypothalamo Pitutary Gonadal Axis in seminal plasma of Cigarette Smoking Males.
    Sherif El-Kannishy*, Aalaa Aboelnour, Waleed Barakat, Mohamed S. Abdel-Maksoud,and Abdullah A. AL Yousef.

  69. A Questionnaire Study on The Knowledge, Attitude, and the Practice of Adverse Drug Reaction Among the Healthcare Professionals in a Tertiary Rural Hospital in Central India (A.V.B.R.H.) Sawangi (Meghe), Wardha District, Maharashtra, India.
    Ankur A Bhute*, Rajesh K Jha, and Shailesh Nagpure.

  70. A survey of drowning cases from district Rohtak, Haryana, India.
    Saini E, Khanagwal VP*, and Singh R.

  71. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Its Association with the Reason for Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Ordered: An Observational Study at Tertiary Care Hospital.
    Arshiya Tabassum M Shamim*, and Swanand S Pathak.

  72. Potential Anti-Atherosclerotic Compound Isolated from Acanthaster planci.
    Nurul Hazirah Mat Lazim, Asnuzilawati Asari*, Faridah Mohamad, Tg. Muhammad TS, Noraznawati Ismail, Aziz Ahmad, Mariam Taib, and Habsah Mohamad.

  73. Breast Self-Examination: Knowledge, Practice and Attitude Among A Group Of Working Females In Egypt.
    Mahmoud Fawzy El-Gendy, Hala Moustafa El-Hady, Raneyah Hamdy Mohammad Afify Mahmoud Shaker*, and Doaa Ibrahim Ahmed Omar.

  74. Pharmacoepidemiological Perspective of Vaginal Candidiasis: A Cross Sectional Surveillance Study among Women of Reproductive Age Group Belonging To Wardha District, Maharashtra, India.
    Ankur A Bhute*, and Rajesh K Jha.

  75. Molecular Docking Studies of Flavonoid Bioactive Compound against RNA Polymerase Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
    Muhammad Azhari Herli*, Andani Eka Putra, Amri Bakhtiar and Marlina.

  76. Gamma-Irradiation Affects Volatile Oil Constituents, Fatty Acid Composition and Antimicrobial Activity of Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) Seeds Extract.
    Sami I Ali*, Amal A Mohamed, Manal Y Sameeh, Osama M Darwesh, and Tamer M Abd El-Razik.

  77. A Review on Lung Cancer.
    Seyed Hesamaddin Bani Hashemi, and Seyed Ali Alavi*.

  78. A Content Analysis of Theses of Hormozgan University of Medical Sciences in the Period from 2006 To 2013.
    Mahdieh Daneshvar, Afsaneh Kazemi , Maryam Paslarzadeh, Fatemeh Najmadini,Zahra Farshidi, and AbbasPaknahad*.

  79. A Review on Bipolar Depressive Disorder.
    Parveneh Vakili*.

  80. A Review on Facts about Preeclampsia.
    Mostafa Mohammadi*.

  81. Successful Management of Paraquat-Induced Multiorgan Dysfunction Syndrome with Intravenous N-Acetyl Cysteine.
    Karthin Rao N, Navin Patil*, Handattu Manjunatha Hande, Sushil Kiran Kunder, A Avinash, Zeba Moopen, and George Varghese.

  82. Spatiotemporal Bioaccumulation of Lead, Cadmium, Zinc and Copper Metals in Patella ferruginea Collected in Two Algerian Coasts.
    Linda Abi-Ayad, Nasr-Eddine Belkhouche*, Ahmed Haitoum, and José Morillo Aguado

  83. Surveyon The Use ofFormalin, Rhodamine B andAuramineinFood SamplesProcuredFromStateElementarySchools ofSurabaya City.
    Indah Lestari,Erlin Dayu Indra PertiwiandJuliana Christyaningsih*.

  84. An intriguing case of acute abdomen.
    Meenakshi Srinivasan,Karthik Rao N*, Girish Thunga, Manjunatha Hande, and Ramamoorthi K.

  85. Molecular and Phenotypic Study of Virulence Genes in a Pathogenic Strain of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated from various clinical origins by PCR: Profiles of genes and Toxins.
    Lena Fadhil, Ali Hussein Al-Marzoqi*, Zahraa Mohammad Al Taee,and Ammar A Shalan

  86. A Rare Case of Pulmonary and Extra-Pulmonary Sarcoidosis.
    Rathna Mitreyee Vegunta, Karthik Rao N, B Jayaprakash, N R Rau, A Avinash, Navin Patil*, and Sushil Kiran.

  87. Study on Genomics And Cadmium Resistance Potentiality of Enterobacter Isolated From Narcotic Containing Agent.
    Sameer Ranjan Sahoo, Abhas Kumar Maharana*, Surya Narayan Rath, Debapriya Mohanty,and Pratima Ray

  88. Antioxidant Activity of Schiff Base Derived from Methionine.
    Jalal A. Mejbel Al-Saedi, Mohammed A. Al-Diwan, and Wasfi A. Al-Masoudi*.

  89. Effect of Triphala on a Murine Model of Isoniazid and Rifampicin Induced Model of Hepatotoxicity.
    Sushma DS, PreethiJ Shenoy*, Rukmini MS, Nischal Salian, Seema Rai, Vinaykumar Sayeli, and Sohil Takodara

  90. Submental Intubation Versus Tracheostomy In panfacial Trauma Patients.
    Balakrishnan Ramalingam*, NP Prabhu, and R Senthilnathan.

  91. Actuator Fault Detection Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Approach for Damadics Benchmark.
    V Gomathi*, V Elakkiya, R Valarmathi, and K Ramkumar.

  92. Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and C - Reactive Protein Levels as Systemic Biomarker-A Clinicopathological Prognostic Correlation For Local Inflammation And Carcinogenesis.
    Archana Gupta, Supriya Kheur, Lakshmi Shetty*, Uday Londhe, andSwati Bharadwaj.

  93. Evaluation The Impact of Three Important Fat Sources in Egyptian Diets on Rats.
    Medhat M Abozid*, and Reham A Moustafa Mariah.

  94. Protective Effect of Zinc, Selenium, Vitamin C, E and Epicatechine on Cadmium–Induced Toxicity and Disturbances in the Kidney, Liver, Bone, Lipid Metabolism and Oxidative Stress in Rats.
    Ismail SA, and Roquia I Rizk*.

  95. Job stress, Causes and Treatment of Job Stress among Teachers and Nurses: a Review.
    Maryam Sharafi, Sosan Nematolahi, Farnosh Fonon, Abbas Paknahad*

  96. A Review on Amputation among Patients with Diabetic Foot.
    Moslem Abolhassani, Mohammad Sohrabi, Rozita Mardani, and Seyede Kobra Hashemi*.

  97. A Study on Morbidity Pattern of Migrant Sand Workers in a River Of Mangalore, Karnataka, India.
    Rajesh SS*, and Prashanth M Naik.

  98. The Effect of Gelatin Types on The Synthesis of Magnetite Nanoparticles.
    Lamyaa M. Abbas*.

  99. Tin Ions Behavior on a Stationary Mercury Microelectrodes in the Presence of Polyacrylamide.
    Kozybayev A, Myrzalieva SK, Zhexenbay N*, Samadun AI.

  100. Immunological Features of Juvenile Offenders.
    Albina Burt*.

  101. Studying the influence of nitrogen source on lactic acid production from whey permeate by immobilized Lactobacillus bulgaricus Lb-12.
    Youssef A Mawgoud, Gamal A Ibrahim, and Mohamed F El-ssayad*.

  102. Implementation of Brain Computer Interface for Security System.
    Biki Kanu, Rahul Kumar, Ganesan P*, and J Premalatha.

  103. A Survey on Automatic Liquid Dispensing and Database Management Robotic Systems.
    Benishia B Christo*, and MS Sheeba.

  104. Evaluation of In-vitro Antiproliferative Potency and In-vivo Induced Biochemical parameters of Curcin from Jatropha curcas seedin Comparison to Doxorubicin and Cisplatin
    Hala F Abdel Hamid, Joanna Wietrzyk, Agata Pawlik, and Abdel Mohsen Soliman*.

  105. A Rare Case Report of Basaloid Squamous Cell Carcinoma.
    Vinutha Gali*, Hemalatha Ganapathy, and BO Parijatham.

  106. Adverse Effects of Monosodium Glutamate on Serum Lipid Profile, Cholesterol Status and Blood Glucose in Adult Rats.
    Saeed A Alwaleedi*.

  107. Comparative Study Of Performance Analysis Of Various Filtering Approaches For The Removal Of High Density Salt And Pepper Noise On Color Images And Videos.
    Dinesh Kumar, T John Peter, Ganesan P*, and B S Sathish

  108. Effect of Exposure for a Long Time by Mobile Phone Calls Radiation To The Fetal Mice.
    Dillasamola D*, Almahdy, and Ariani D.

  109. Prevalence of Free-Living Amoebae in Tap Water and Biofilm, Egypt.
    Gazaa H Morsy, Ahmad Z Al-Herrawy, Waled M Elsenousy, and Mohamed A Marouf*.

  110. Investigation of Ammonium Sulfate/Ammonium Di-Hydrogen Phosphate fertilizers as Draw Solute for Forward Osmosis Desalination.
    Sahar S. Ali, Rania Sabry, Hanaa Gadallah*, and Hanaa M. Ali

  111. Comparative Evaluation of Salivary Total Proteins in Mixed and Permanent Dentition.
    Rahul Deshpande, Vishwas Patil, Meenakshi Nankar, Fawaz Siddiqui, LadusinghRajpurohit, Shantanu Deshpande*, Suvarna Vinchurkar, andVaishnavi Kotwal.

  112. A Review on the Second Group of Personality disorders.
    Touraj Kazemi*.

  113. A Review Article on Myocardial Infarction Biomarkers.
    Hamed Akbari, Sina Vakili, Ahmad Ahmadipour, and Seyed AliAlavi*.

  114. Epidural Hematoma In Adults: A Descriptive Study
    Seyed Hesamaddin Bani Hashemi, Mahshid Sarafraz, Shohreh Salari, and Seyed Ali Alavi*.

  115. The Relationship between Personality Traits and Critical Thinking among Female Administrative Officers in Four Districts and Department of Education in Shiraz.
    Elham Yavari Barhaghtalab, Elaheh Yavari Barhaghtalab, Maryam Sharafi*.

  116. Quality of Life and Mental Health: a Review.
    Mohammad Reza Paknahad, Maryam Sharafi, Mehrafrouz Daneshian, Mohammad Reza Ataollahi, and Abbas Paknahad*.

  117. Comparative Evaluation of Human Salivary Electrolytes in Children of Mixed and Permanent Dentition.
    Rahul R Deshpande, Vishwas Patil, Fawaz Siddiqui, Ladusingh Rajpurohit, Harsha S Nalawade*, Khyaati V Gidwani, Vaishnavi Kotwal, and Dipti Patil.

  118. A Review on Prediction Of Breast Cancer Using Various Data Mining Techniques.
    M Deepika*, L Mary Gladence, and R Madhu Keerthana.

  119. A Review on Rough Set Theory in Medical Images.
    R Madhu Keerthana*, Y Bevish Jinila

  120. Ruthenium (III) Catalyzed Oxidation of L-Threonine by Manganese (III) in Sulphuric Acid Medium -Kinetics and Mechanism.
    Raga Sudha D, Annapurna N, Nageswara Rao G, and Vani P*.

  121. A Novel Approach to Low Cost Multi Language Speaker SignRecognition System.
    M Naresh Kumar, D Suresh, Ganesan P*, BS Sathish

  122. Flavonoids and Lipoidal Matters from Olea europaea.
    MR Elgindi*, II Mahmoud, and DG El-hossary.

  123. Microhabitat Use by the Herpetofauna in Mixed-evergreen and Deciduous Forests of Bangladesh.
    KM Mijanur Rahman*, MMH Khan, and II Rakhimov.

  124. A Survey: Clustering Routing Algorithms for Isolated Nodes Using Wireless sensor network.
    K Kalaivani*, and G Indhumathi.

  125. Application of Elicitation Process for Achievement of Phenols and a-Tocopherol Accumulation Rates in Suspension Cultures of Brassica rapa L.
    Taha HS*, Hanan M Abou El-Ghit and Mohamed A Fatahallah A.

  126. Fagonia arabica Extract Ameliorate the Mutagenic and Biochemical Effects of Antitumor Drug Mitomycin C in Male Mice.
    ES Ahmad, SM Girgis*, SM Kassem, ThMT Shoman and MM Hassanane.

  127. Platelet Count: Automated Versus Manual Estimation On Blood Smear In Sree Balaji Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
    Kavitha A, Subashini*, and BO Parijatham.

  128. Mathematical Model for Polyamide-6/Chitosan Blend Membrane Preparation.
    Ayman El-gendi, Ashraf Amin*, and Heba Abdallah.

  129. VNTRs Analysis for Detection of Chimerism Status after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Egyptian Patients.
    Hala A Talkhan* and Doaa M Abdelaziz.

  130. Water Quality Analysis Using Multiple Linear Regression.
    Nishil Shah*, Srishti Tiwari, and Vidushi Vashishtha.

  131. CT and MRI Denoising Technique from corrupted Riccian and Gaussian Noise.
    Baron Sam B*, Yuvashree S, and Piosajin A.

  132. Studies on Physicochemical Properties of Herbal Ice-Cream with Addition of Ginger(Zingiber officinale) Juice.
    J David*.

  133. Studies on OrganolepticQuality of Fruit Yoghurt Prepared From Different Levels of Goat Milk and Apple Pulp.
    J David*.

  134. Bismuth (III) Chloride: A Facile and Efficient Catalyst for the Synthesis of Quinoxalins.
    Swetha K. Maddili, Vijaya K. Kannekanti, Vijaya Molli, Himabindu Gandham*.

  135. A Survey Based On Automated System for Pigmented Skin Lesion.
    Melissa S*, and Srilatha K.

  136. Survey on Different Power Gating Techniques.
    A Kirthanaa*, and P Umarani.

  137. Anolyte Water as a Biocide Agent for Microorganisms Isolated From an Egyptian Swimming Pool.

  138. Correlation of Antioxidant Principles with Cardioprotective Activity of Madhuca longifolia (Koenig) Leaves on Isoproterenol Induced Myocardial Infarction.
    Sunita T, Vijay Kumar M, Manjusha MP, and Shanmukha I*.

  139. Negative Chronotropic and Antiarrhythmic Effects of Ginger (Zingiberofficinale) and Intermittent Fasting on Cacl2 Induced-Arrhythmia.
    Narges Karbalaei, and Gholam Reza Hamzavi*.

  140. Response of Two Coated Piezoelectric Sensor Polymers to Toxic Compounds.
    Haddad Larbi*, Dadamoussa Belkhir, and Benhaoua Boubaker.

  141. Do Oral Contraceptive Pills In Low Dose (LD) Change One’s Mood?.
    Pooran Rahbar*, Mohaddese Asadpour Ghasem Oladi, and Seyed Ali Alavi.

  142. Study for the Assessment of Knowledge of Patients with Asthma.
    Meenu Vijiayan*, Roshni PR, Remya Reghu, Krishna Gopinath K, and Greeshma John.

  143. Variables Affecting the In-Situ Transesterification Via Ultrasonic from Microalgae and Comparing with Other Methods of Transesterification.
    Abo El-Enin SA, El-Ibiari NN, Ola El-Ardy, and Guzine El Diwani.

  144. Case Study on Patent Issues in Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.
    AK Sukumaran*, C Vijayabanu, R Renganathan, and CA Balachandran S.

  145. Flavonoid-Ascorbate Mixtures Ratio - Antioxidant Activity Relationships.
    Igor Ilyasov*, Vladimir Beloborodov, Anna Dubrovskaya, and InnaVoskoboynikova.

  146. Biodynamics of Degraded Pastures at the Grazing Exclusion in Permafrost Region.

  147. Biological Activity of Honey as Natural Health Product.
    Olga I Ustinova*, and Yuri V Ustinov.

  148. The Biological Activity Of Apple Juice.
    Olga Ivanovna Ustinova*, and Yuri Vladimirovich Ustinov.

  149. Automatic Vehicle Collision Avoidance System - A Survey.
    Gowthami K, and Prakash NB*.

  150. Assessment of Nutritional Status of Boys and Girls in Government and Corporate School Children in Nambur Mandal, Guntur (Dt.) Andhra Pradesh, India.
    Hemamalini K, and Lalitha Kumari B*.

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  280. A Review on an Endemic Indian Species: Strychnos Colubrina Linn.
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  281. Comparative study of Using Vegetable Wastes and Cattle Dungs for Degradation of Low Density Polyethylene Material and Visualized through FTIR Analysis.
    Shalini R*,and Sasikumar C.

  282. Analysis of Twitter Data for Understanding Tweeting Activity of Public
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  300. Current Environment State of Coastal Marine Water of Dagestan.
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    DewiMulyati*, Saisa, and Irhamni.

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    G.A. Nozdrin* , A.V. Gromova, A.I. Lelyak2 and A.I. Lelyak

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    YernarShalkharov*, NurlanBatyrbaev, ErkinDusipov, and Alena Mackova.

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    Atmaram K Mapari*.

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