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Current Issue

Volume 4, Issue 3, 2013 (July - September)

  1. Clonal Propagation of Boerhaavia diffusa Linn. – A Valuable Medicinal Plant
    Sumita Dasgupta* and MN Reddy

  2. Effect of Annealing on Spray Deposited Bi2O3 Thin Film
    Gopinath P and Chandiramouli R *

  3. Altered Levels of Ceruloplasmin, Glutathione, Beta-Carotene in the Serum of Chronic Cigarette Smokers In Comparison With Non-Smokers
    Arvind Rao HT*, and Suchetha Kumari

  4. Copeptin as Emerging Marker for Myocardial Infarction
    Manisha Naithani*

  5. Effect of African Walnut (Tetracarpidium Conophorum ((Müll. Arg.)) Hutch & Dalziel Syn. Plukenetia Conophora) Oil On Cadmium -Induced Oxidative Stress in Male Albino Rats
    Abam O Esther*, Oladipo Y Funmilola, Atasie N Violette, and Okoruwa O Oziegbe

  6. Antioxidative Effect of Zinc on Gasoline Induced Hepatotoxicity
    Bokolo Bonsome*, and Ligha Aloysius Ebi

  7. In Vitro Screening and Evaluation of Different Substrates and Carrier Materials for Mass Multiplication of Trichoderma against Dry Root Rot in Acidlime incited by Fusarium solani( Mart.) Sacc.
    A Hari Krishna and M Reddi Kumar

  8. Studies on Diuretic Effect of Lagerstroemia Speciosa Linn. Leaf Extracts in Normal Rats
    Priya TThambi*, Sabu M Chacko and Jolly I Chungath

  9. Analgesic Modulation of Tramadol, Amitriptyline and Gabapentin in Male and Female Wistar Rats
    Bharti Chogtu*, KL Bairy, Shakta Mani Satyam, Rajadurai Pirasanthan, and Sumit Gupta

  10. Comparative Study to Evaluate the Effect of Inj. Labetalol and Inj. Esmolol in Attenuating Hemodynamic Response after Electroconvulsive Therapy
    Shah Bhavik Y*, Mandowara Nidhi C, Joshi Harshil Y, Prajapati Kaushik D, Vyas Atul B, and Chadha Indu A.

  11. Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on Mycoparasitic Activity of Trichoderma spp. against Rhizoctonia solani, Incitant of Sheath Blight of Rice
    B Nagendra Prasad and M Reddi Kumar*

  12. Biological Assay of In Vitro Antioxidant and Antibacterial Activity of the Whole Plant Material Cleome gynandra Linn
    J Ranjitha, S Vijiyalakshmi, M Anand*, and M Bhagiyalakshmi

  13. Comparative Study of Microwave Assisted With Conventional Extraction of Calcium Sennosides from Senna Leaf
    Ajay Shukla*, Ramchandra Gupta, Prabhakar Sharma, and Alok Pal Jain

  14. In vivo Antiarthritic activity of aqueous extract of Enicostemma axillare against Formaldehyde induced Arthritis
    KAS Mohammed Shafeeq*, R Senthamarai, and S Karpagam Kumara Sundari

  15. Formulation and Development of pH Independent Once Daily Matrix Tablet of Quetiapine Fumarate
    R Mohapatra*, S Senapati, C Sahoo, S Mishra, A Dinda, and dk Sahoo

  16. Analysis of Vegetable Oil’s Rheological Parameters using AT-mega 328 Microcontroller
    Rubalya Valantina S*, Aniruthaan K, Jeyanthinathan G, and Neelamegam P

  17. Biological Activities of Cyclic Peptides: An Overview
    Nirmala V Shinde*, Avinash S Dhake , and Kishan P Haval

  18. Synthesis, Characterization of Some New Heterocycles bearing benzofuran Moiety
    Ahmed abdul Hassan Al-Kadhimi*, Ahmed K. Al-Khayate and Mohammed G. AL-Dulyme

  19. Inference of Gene Expression in Asthma – A Future Vision
    Aiswariya Lakshmi CG*, PB Ramesh Babu, and P Krishnamoorthy

  20. Evolutionary Study Of Moray Eel With In-Silico Drug Design
    B Vidhya, P Rajasulochana, PB Ramesh Babu, and P Krishnamoorthy

  21. Insilico Analysis and Identification of Gene in Annona muricata
    Monika Kushwaha*, T Jayalakshmi, PB Ramesh Babu, and P Krishnamoorthy

  22. Quality Assessment of Drinking Water from Kondiba an Agency Area, Andhra Pradesh
    Laxmi Sowmya K*, Sandhya Deepika D, and JB Atluri

  23. A Review on Chronopharmaceutical Drug Delivery System
    AR Mullaicharam*

  24. Novel Approaches in vesicular drug delivery systems
    Mullaicharam AR*

  25. Theoretical Investigation of Ultrasonic Studies and Molecular Interactions in Binary Liquid Mixtures
    Name Ajitha S*, Hema Malini A and Meena Devi VN.

  26. Simultaneous estimation of Beta Sitosterol and Palmitic Acid from Methanolic extract of Caralluma Adscedens Var Fimbriata by UV Spetrophotometry.
    Manojkumar Hadadare*, and Vijay Salunkhe

  27. Herbal Plants as Potential Anticancer Agents: A Review
    Kumar Sandeep*, Bajwa Baljindeer Singh, Kaur Balwinder, Singh Kuldeep, and Nandan Dinesh

  28. FTIR Spectroscopic Method for Quantitative Analysis of Etoricoxib in Tablets
    Sunitha PG*, Deattu N, Ravi Kumar R, Sri Rudhra S, Kalaimathi P, and Soundiramani B

  29. Light Induced Hydrolysis of Substituted Phenylacetates
    Vijender Goel

  30. A Study of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Caused by Multidrug Resistant Pathogens With Special Reference to ESBL, AMPC And MBL.
    Veena Krishnamurthy*, Vijay Kumar GS, Prashanth HV, Nagaraj ER and Prakash R.

  31. Design, Development and Characterization of Salbutamol Sulphate Extended Release Matrix Tablets
    Sunil Kumar*, Harsh Kumar, Rakesh Kumar, Anil Kumar, and Kuldeep Malodia

  32. Prevalence and Risk Factors of Vitamin D Deficiency among Type 2 Diabetics and Non Diabetic Female Patients in Jordan
    Moyad Shahwan*, Monzer Shahwan, Abduelmula Abduelkarem,Kamel Ajlouni and Dana Hyasat

  33. Isolation of Glucan Sucrase Enzyme from Tooth Decay Samples
    Phanideepika Polampalli *, Vijay Kumar G, and Lakshmi Narasu M

  34. Oxygen as an Antioxidant
    Michael M Silaev*

  35. Antimicrobial Susceptibility of Enteric Fever Salmonellae Isolated from Blood Culture.
    Sudeepa Kumar M *, Vijay Kumar GS, Prashanth HV, Prakash R, Veena Krishna Murthy, and Chandrashekar SC

  36. Antibiotic Resistant of Vibrio Bacteria Isolated From Mud Crab Scylla Serrata of Chakoria Coast, Bangladesh
    Sheikh Aftab Uddin*, Mohammad Nurul Azim Sikder, Md. Atiar Rahman, Mohammad Zafor

  37. Antimicrobial activity of Mangrove Plant Avicennia officinalis (Lam. Briqvet) on Selected Pathogens
    Deepthi Rani S* and Narasimha Rao GM

  38. Development of Simple Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Propranolol using p-Chloranilic acid in Bulk and Dosage forms
    Suman M, Narasimha Rao C, Siva Kumar K and Venkateswarlu P*

  39. An Osteological Study of Incidence, Morphometry and Clinical Correlations of Carotico-Clinoid Foramen in Dried Adult Human Skulls
    Archana BJ, Shivaleela C, Kumar GV*, Pradeep P, and Lakshmiprabha S

  40. Evaluation of Wound Healing Potentiality of Methanolic Extract of Wedelia chinensis Whole Plant
    Irshad Nomani*, Avijit Mazumder, and GS Chakraborthy

  41. FTIR and XRPD Studies for the Mineralogical Composition of Jharkhand Bentonite
    Arushi Gupta*, Vats Amitabh, Babita Kumari, and Bivekanand Mishra

  42. Effect of Citric Acid Inducer on Xanthan Gum Production from Cassava Bagasse, a Potential Agro-Industry Waste
    D Gowdhaman, S Padmapriya and V Ponnusami *

  43. Synthetic, Structural, Magnetic, TGA and biological Studies of Some Copper Complexes of heterocyclic Schiff Base ligands
    NR Agrawal, GB Pethe and JW Dhore*

  44. Fluorescence Spectral Studies on Indole-3-Butyric Acid (I-3-BA) in Micellar Media
    Seema Acharya* and Komal Singh Sengar

  45. Exploring the Anti-dandruff Potential of Selected Medicinal Plants
    Nirmala Nithya R, Shanmathi S, Rohini M, Sekar Babu Hariram, Arumugam P and Sindhu S

  46. Impact of Calcium and Magnesium Ions in Identification of Second Generation of Offspring Gender in Rats
    Chandraju S*, Ashraf Beirami, and Chidan Kumar CS

  47. Theoretical Investigations on the Structure, Geometry, Electron Densities and Thermodynamic Parameters of Terpyridine Molecule
    HS Barhadiya* and D Kumar

  48. Modulatory effect of Zingiber offinale on chemical-induced gastric mucosal damage and hepatotoxicity in rats
    *Chioma A Anosike, Emmanuel C Ossai, Onyechi Obidoa and Lawrence US Ezeanyika

  49. Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology of Salivary Gland-A Review of 90 Cases
    Sunitha S*, and Arundhathi S

  50. Microbiological Analysis, Biochemical Composition and Antibacterial Activity of Crude Honey against Multiple Drug Resistant uropathogens
    Tasneem Pota and Aruna K*

  51. Evaluation of Factors Associated With Inadequate Glycemic Control and Some Other Health Care Indicators among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in Ramallah, Palestine
    Dareen Ali, Abduelmula Abduelkarem, Moyad Shahwan*, and Monzer Shahwan

  52. Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation Of Azithromycin Mouth Dissolving Tablets Using Superdisintegrants
    Sangeeta Mohanty* Rajaram Mohapatra Sradhanjali Patra, and Dusmanta Ku Sahoo

  53. Vesicular Drug Delivery System - An Over View
    Ravi Buchiraju*, Sreekanth Nama, Bhargavi Sakala, Babu Rao Chandu, Arun Kommu, Jaya Kishore Babu Chebrolu, Narasimhamurthy Yedulapurapu

  54. Chemoinformatics: The Application of Informatics Methods to Solve Chemical Problems
    Satish A Bhalerao*, Deepa R Verma, Rohan L D’souza, Nikhil C Teli, and Vinodkumar S Didwana

  55. Evaluation of Antidiabetic Activity of Methanolic Leaf Extract of Coriandrum sativum in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats
    Jamil Mazhar*, and Avijit Mazumder

  56. Competitive adsorption of Nickel onto Ricinus Communis leaves as a low cost adsorbent
    M Makeswari and T Santhi*

  57. A Review on Recent Studies and Advances in Ocular Drug Delivery System
    Nerella N Madhuri Divya*, M Muthukumaran*, and B Krishnamoorthy.

  58. Drugs Responsible For Bone Marrow Suppression and Its Herbal Approaches: An Overview
    Ajay Kumar Rathaur*

  59. Modern Touch to Traditional Leech Therapy: A Review
    Ingole AR, Dhabarde DM, Kamble MA* and Potnis VV

  60. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation: Copper(II) Complexes of Hydroxy coumarins with Ciprofloxacin
    Atul K Patel, Jiten C Patel, Hitesh R Dholariya, Ketan S Patel, Vishal K Patel, and Kanuprasad D Patel*

  61. Zooplankton Biodiversity Study of Gowrikere Tank, Anandapura, Sagara, Shivamogga, Karnataka, India
    Sayeswara HA*, Vasantha Naik T and Nafeesa Begum

  62. Design, Development and Evaluation of Antiviral Drug Loaded Microcapsules Prepared by Microencapsulation Technique
    Nisha GS*, Sharol R, Charyulu RN, and Rahul V

  63. Role of Polyamines and Their Effect on Photosynthesis in Plants
    Adam S and Murthy SDS*

  64. Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.): Chemical Composition and Biological Impacts
    Sherif EA Badr*, Dina M Sakr, Sanaa A Mahfouz and Mohamed S Abdelfattah

  65. Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) In Pus Sample In a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Lakshmi K *, Chitralekha S, Renuga S, and Illamani V

  66. The Water Quality Conditions and Phytoplankton of Two Mangrove Creeks and an Adjoining Lagoon.
    Onyema IC*

  67. Phytoplankton Bio-Indicators of Water Quality Situations in the Iyagbe Lagoon, South- Western Nigeria.
    Onyema IC*

  68. Diabetes Knowledge and Practice in Malaysian and the United Arab Emirates Diabetic Patients
    Hala J Mahdi*, Yahaya Bin Hassan, Noorizan A Aziz, Hadeer A Abdulrazzaq, Feras j Jirjees, and Abduelmula R Abduelkarem

  69. Development and Validation of an Improved RP-HPLC Method for the Quantitative Determination of Flunarizine in Bulk and Tablet Dosage Form
    P Ravisankar *, G Devala Rao, and M Krishna Chaitanya

  70. Review on Infectious Vaginitis
    Lakshmi K*, Aishwarya JR, Chitralekha S, and Menezes GA

  71. DNA Vaccine Administration Through Transdermal Delivery Systems
    Shashank Maurya, Tanwi Priya, and Kishwar Hayat Khan*

  72. Pattern of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers - A Ten Year Study
    Rashmi MV*, Geetha JP, Niranjana Murthy B, and Kodandaswamy CR

  73. Evaluation of Genotoxicity of Ethyl Methanesulfonate (EMS) Using Human Lymphocytes
    Deepa Parvathi V*, Sumitha R and Swarna Raman

  74. Comparative Modelling of Shikimate Kinase (M Tb) and Molecular Docking Studies of its Known Inhibitors
    Sweta Sinha, Rajasulochana P, Ramesh Babu PB, and Krishnamoorthy P

  75. Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Evaluation of Some 5-(Substituted)-2-Amino-Thiadiazoles.
    Mahendrasinh M Raj*, Hemul V Patel, Lata M Raj , and Naynika K Patel

  76. Prevalence of Multidrug Resistance in Uropathogenic Klebsiella Species With Reference to Extended Spectrum ß -Lactamases Production
    Navin Kumar Chaudhary* and Mahadeva Murthy S

  77. Statistical Screening and Optimization of the Medium Components for Production of Novel Flavolipid Biosurfactant by Flavobacterium sp. MTCC 2495
    Karadi R V, Lokesh KN *, Channarayappa, Marikunte Venkata Rangana , and Siva Kiran RR

  78. Performance of Aqueous Two Phase System for the Extraction of Lipase from Rice Bran
    Janani P, Sudharsana J and Ravikumar R*

  79. Ultrasound Assisted One-Pot Synthesis of 3-(4,6-disubtituted-2-thioxo-1,2,3,4-tetrahydropyrimidin-5-yl) propanoic acid Derivatives A Green Approach
    Sanakausar R Shaikh, Hassan A Osman, Nazeruddin GM*

  80. Assessment of Acute Dermal Toxicity of Ethanolic Extracts from Aerial Parts of Ipomoea pes-caprae (l.) R. br on Wistar Albino Rats
    Deepak venkataraman N*, Clement Atlee W, Muralidharan P, Purushoth Prabhu T, Priya MS, Muthukumaran S

  81. An Overview on Vetiveria Zizanioides
    Mishra Snigdha *, Sharma Satish Kumar, Mohapatra Sharmistha, and Chauhan Deepa

  82. Studies on the Haematological Aspects of Beta (b) – Thalassemia in Tamilnadu
    Shanthi G, Balasubramanyam D*, and Srinivasan R

  83. Formulation and Optimization of Pellets Containing Orlistat by Extrusion Spheronization
    Dandare MS*, Karemore MN, Mundhada DR, Shyamala Bhaskaran, Anwar S Daud

  84. Effect of Halobetasol Propionate with Biopolymer on Skin Inflammatory Model in Wistar Rats
    Bairy KL, Avinash M Holla, Rockson Christopher, Purnima Sirigiri, Pawan kumar AV, Chandrashekar BR, Satish Kumar MC

  85. Separation/Preconcentration of Cadmium and Nickel by Dispersive Liquid-Liquid Microextraction: Application to Water and Plants
    Sanchez Rojas F, Bosch Ojrda C, and Cano Pavon JM

  86. Effects of selective Medicinal Plants against Multi Drug Resistance Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Strains
    Bernaitis L, Vishnu Prasad Shenoy, Ashok M, Mithun Nath, and Revathi P Shenoy*

  87. Variation in the Origin of Lateral Circumflex Femoral Artery – A Case Report
    Anupama D*, Lakshmi Prabha Subhash R, Suresh BS, and Nagaraj D N.

  88. Evaluation of Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Activity Three Morus Species
    Aditya Rao SJ, Ramesh CK*, Basavaraj Padmashali and Jamuna KS

  89. Production of Microbial Lipases Isolated From Curd Using Waste Oil as a Substrate
    Pualsa Jagdish, Verma Deepa, Gavankar Rohan, and Bhagat RD

  90. High- through functions and classification of Data Mining Inter-specific with Web Mining
    AK Soniyapriyadharishni* and PB Ramesh babu

  91. Personality Characteristics in Children with Mild Mental Retardation and Dyslexia
    Shivalingaiah M, Rangaswamy KB, and Sreenivas M

  92. Green Synthesis of Nano Particles from Leaves of Ethno Medicinal Plants-A New Approach
    Gogoi SJ*, and Gogoi B

  93. Role of Oxidative Stress in Cardiovascular Diseases
    Neeti Katoch, Prabhjot Kaur, Priyanka Kashyap, Sumeet Gupta, and Randhir Singh Dahiya*

  94. Impact of Pharmaceutical Marketing Communication Strategies on Prescription Practices of Physicians
    Aditya Khajuria*, and Vijay Khajuria

  95. Comprehensive Review on Citric Acid Fermentation
    Pratiti Ghosh*

  96. Investigation on the Treatment of Shinbone Endurance Periostitis Using Chemical Components of Natural Herbal
    Li Cheng*

  97. Chemical Characterization of Medicinally Important Liliaceous Plant Asparagus racemosus
    Arti Sharma and Vandana Sharma

  98. The effects of hydric & saline stress on the soluble sugars of marram grass roots (Ammophila arenaria L.)
    CHERGUI Abdelhak*, EL HAFID Latifa and MELHAOUI Mohammed

  99. TiO2–SiO2 mixed oxides: Xerogel catalyst for the Selective Epoxidation of cyclohexene
    Ilhem Rekkab-Hammoumraoui, Ilyes Khaldi, Abderrahim Choukchou-Braham* and Redouane Bachir

  100. In Vitro activity of Imipenem against Clinical Isolates from Jordanian Children
    Dr. Al-Shara Mohammad

  101. Clinical and Demographical Studies of Beta (b) – Thalassemia in Tamilnadu
    G Shanthi, D Balasubramanyam*, and R Srinivasan

  102. Antimicrobial Activity of Aqueous Extracts of Cinnamon and Ginger on Two Oral Pathogens Causing Dental Caries
    Ghada Al-Duboni*, Muhamed T Osman, and Redhwan Al-Naggar

  103. Kerala Medical Services Corporation – An Analytical Study on Its Working during the First Three Years of Its Establishment.
    Veena R*, Revikumar KG, Lekshmi S, Manna PK, and Mohantha GP

  104. Adsorption Anionic Dye on Bacterial and Plant Cellulose:Thermodynamic and Kinetic Study
    Ali Ashjaran*, and Mehrdad Hajilari

  105. Environmental Impacts and Adaptive Techniques to Cyclones in an Off Shore Coastal Island Of Nijhum Dweep in Bangladesh
    Mohammad Abdul Kader, Mohammed Abdus Salam*, Mohammed Kamal Hossain,Md. Humayain Kabir, and Shafiqur Rahman

  106. Bacteriological Profile and Antibiotic Sensitivity Pattern of Micro Organisms from Community Acquired Pneumonia.
    Madhulatha CK*, Pratibha Malini J, Ravikumar KL, and Rashmi KS

  107. Application of Microwave-Assisted Extraction on Teak (Tectona grandis) Leaves Antioxidant Extraction
    Cynthia Setiawan*, Hari Purnomo, and Joni Kusnadi

  108. Insight into Biosoprtion Equilibrium, Kinetics and Thermodynamics Studies of Atrazine on to Pichia Kudriavzevii Atz-EN-01 and Cryptococcus laurentii Atz-EN-02
    Evy Alice Abigail, Geetanjali Basak and Nilanjana Das*

  109. Biogenic Magnetite Nanoparticles
    Rajendran Kumar and Shampa Sen*

  110. Feeding Tube Used as Nasal Cannula to Deliver Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
    Chandrasekaran Venkatesh, Dhandapani Gunasekaran, amd Palanisamy Soundararajan.

  111. Totarol Content and Cytotoxicity Varies Significantly in Different Types of Propolis
    Elizabeth Jane Zammit, Krystle Blair Theuma, Stephanie Darmanin, Marilena Muraglia, Marie Therese Camilleri-Podesta, Joseph A. Buhagiar, Jean Calleja-Agius, Maurice Zarb Adami, Mark Micallef, Carlo Franchini, Pierre Schembri-Wismayer*

  112. Impact of Cold Stress on Haematological and Biochemical parameters of Yemeni toad (Bufo Tihamicus)
    Khaled Saeed Ali Abdo*

  113. An Approach for the Improvement of Dissolution Rate of Aceclofenac
    P Seenivasan*, H Haritha Priyanka, and C Uma Maheswara Reddy

  114. Electrical Study of an Integrated Biomedical Microsensor
    Rezki M*, Belaidi A, Benabdallah T, and Ayad M

  115. Pharmacognostic Studies and HPTLC Fingerprint Profile of Stem of Oroxylum indicum (L) Vent: A Threatened and Vulnerable Medicinal Plant.
    Saraf Aparna*, Srinivas Srilatha, and Labhane N M

  116. Phytogenic Silver Nanoparticle Synthesis with Potential Antibacterial Activity and Dye Degrading Ability
    Swetha Sunkar, Valli Nachiyar C, and Karunya A

  117. Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Activity of Corbichonia Decumbens Forsk. (Molluginaceae)
    Uma G* Jagathes Kumar S and Balasubramaniam V

  118. Assessment of Root Growth Characteristics of Glycine max linn. (Soybean) in Diesel Oil Polluted Sandy Loam Soil of Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria
    Ogbuehi HC*, Onuh MO, and Ohazurike NC

  119. Binuclear Ni(II) complexes with (11E)-4-((E)-4-(2-amino-5-nitrobenzylideneamino)phenoxy)-N-(2-amino-5-nitrobenzylidene)benzenamine Schiff base : Investigation of spectral, electrochemical and antimicrobial studies
    D Sakthilatha and R Rajavel*

  120. Evaluation of Water Quality in the Vicinity of Amudalavalasa, Srikakulam District, Andhra Pradesh.
    AVLNSH Hariharan* and J Kalyani

  121. Evaluation of Cysteine Protease from Niger Seeds (Guizotiaabyssinica)
    Prabha C, Nagesh Babu R, and Manjunath NH*

  122. Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Antibacterial studies of new Schiff base 5-(Hydroxymethyl)-4-{(1Z)-[2-N(3-hydroxylphenyl]ethanimidoyl)-2-ethyl}pyridine-3-ol-hydrochloride and its Lanthanide(III) perchlorate complexes
    Muraleedharan Nair MK*, Ajitha PS, and Rejimon PK

  123. Quantitation of Aluminium Content in Waters and Soft Drinks by Spectrophotometry Using Eriochrome Cyanine R
    Watsaka Siriangkhawut*, Sopa Tontrong and Piyanete Chantiratikul

  124. Dyslipidemia as a Risk Factor in Diabetic Retinopathy: A Cross-Sectional Study
    Roopesh Jain *, Bhupendra Kumar Ratre, Narmada Patel, DP Singh, and Pranav Raghuvanshi

  125. Optimizing the Concentration of Ampiphiles in the Development of Colloidal Drug Carriers for Paclitaxel.
    Sidharth M Patil*, and Hemant P Joshi

  126. Immunotherapeutic Application of Nigella sativa Oil in Management of Dermatitis Herpetiformis Associated with Refractory Coeliac Disease
    Muhamed T Osman*, and Methil Kannan Kutty

  127. Phytochemical Composition, Antioxidant Studies and HPTLC Analysis of Methanolic Extract of Curcuma amada Linn.
    Christina George, Hamida Shirin, Robin Varghese, Charles Lekhya Priya and Kokati Venkata Bhaskara Rao*

  128. Isolation, Purification and Application of Enzymes from Bacillus subtilis
    D Sayali, K Sahithya, L Karthik, Gaurav Kumar, and KV Bhaskara Rao*

  129. Comparative Anti-Ulcers Effect of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Leaves and Root of Calotropis procera Ait (Asclepiadaceae)
    Badombena-Wanta DB*, Metowogo K, Tettegah M, Lawson-Evi P, Eklu-Gadegbeku K, Aklikokou AK, and Gbeassor M.

  130. Design and Evaluation of Transdermal Drug Delivery System of Ivabradine Hydrochlride
    Samir Gaur* and Ashish Kumar Sharma

  131. Theoretical Studies of Molecular Structure, Vibrational Spectra and Substitution Effect on the Electronic Structure of Indole
    Salah Belaidi*, Dalal Harkati, Salima Boughdiri, and Lotfi Belkhiri

  132. Extractives, Holocellulose, ?-Cellulose, Lignin, and Ash Contents in 3 Year-Old Bamboo Culms Gigantochloa Brang, G. Levis, G. Scortechinii and G. Wrayi
    Razak Wahab*, Mohd Tamizi Mustafa, Aminuddin Mohamed, Hashim W. Samsi, Mohd Sukhairi Mat Rasat

  133. Antimicrobial Activity of Streptomyces Albofaciens against Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus and Vancomycin Resistant Enterococcus Multi-Drug Resistant Species
    Benita Mercy Rajan and Krishnan Kannabiran*

  134. Study and Analysis of Drying Characteristics of Ginger using Solar Drier with Evacuated Tube Collectors
    AR Umayal Sundari, P Neelamegam, and CV Subramanian

  135. Preparation and Evaluation of Stable Nonionic Surfactant Vesicular System for Tramadol HCl
    Atul Anand Phatak*, Deepika Changdeo Sonawane, and Praveen D Chaudhari

  136. Effects of Linezolid and Metformin Combination on Vital Biochemical Functions with Special Reference to Lactic Acidosis in Streptozotocin Induced Diabetic Rats
    Muqtedar Iftekhar Patel,Surinder J Makhija*

  137. Prevalence of Hepatitis B Virus, Hepatitis C Virus and Human Immunodeficiency Virus Is and Around Gulbarga: A Hospital Blood Bank Based 10 Year Study
    Zeenath Begum*, Mohammed Abdul Lateef, Gaffar Shaik, and Shagufta Ruhi

  138. Solid- Lipid Nanoparticles: A Newer Approach for Formulation and Optmization of HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors
    Sonali D Labhade*, Parag S Gide, and Ravindranath B Saudagar

  139. Tubercular Brain Abscess a Rare Presentation of CNS Tuberculosis in an Immunocompetent Patient: A Case Report
    Narmada P Patel*, Bhupendra Ratre, Roopesh Jain, Pranav Raghuvanshi, and DP Singh

  140. Prevalence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria during Second Trimester of Pregnancy With Respect To Parity
    Lakshmipriya R, Raveendran SR, Chitralekha S, and Menezes GA*

  141. Is KCNQ Channel a Mediator of Urinary Bladder Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis ?
    Manoj G Tyagi*, Anand Ramaswamy and S Sengottuvelu

  142. Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection among Tuberculosis Patients with Special Reference to Cd4 Count
    Shalini M *, Vaishnavi Suresh Rao B, and Mounika Kilari

  143. Bacteriological Evaluation of Diabetic Foot Ulcers
    Suresh R*, Illamani V, and Menezes GA

  144. Cholesterol: Genetic, Clinical and Natural Implications
    Tanwi Priya, Shashank Maurya, Kishwar Hayat Khan*

  145. Non Isothermal Kinetic Study of Some Novel Coordination Polymers
    Rinki C Shamkuwar* and Harjeet D Juneja

  146. Study on the Feasibility of Using Shacryl™ 30D as An Aqueous Polymer For the Formulation of Delayed Release Spheroids of Diclofenac Sodium.
    K Santhi*, SA Dhanaraj, and P Vamsi Krishna.

  147. A Comparative Study of Safety and Efficacy of Ritodrine versus Nifedipine in the Management of Preterm Labor
    G Priyadarshini Bai*, P Ravikumar, and L Padma

  148. Pharmacological evaluation of antidepressant activity of aqueous extract of rosa Centifolia petals in mice
    Lakshmi kiran kakumani *, K Naga Phani, A Chandrasekhar varma, Praveen Kumar Uppala, B krithika Devi

  149. Analgesic and Anti-inflammatory effect of Different Extracts of Flemingia wightiania.
    Archana Swamy P*, Girija Sastry V, Ramu Ravirala and Karthik YP

  150. Formulation and In-Vitro Characterisation of Fast Disintegrating Tablets of Ziprosidone
    P Sivannarayana*, A Prameela Rani, and V Saikishore

  151. Formulation and Evaluation of Ramipril SR Matrix Tablets by Using Tamrindus Kernal Mucilage as Release Retardent
    P Sivannarayana*, A Prameela Rani, and V Saikishore

  152. Design and Evaluation of Famotidine Matrix Tablet Using 32 Factorial Design.
    Jadhao UT*, Thakare VM, Chaudhari KP, Tekade BW, Chaudhari CS, and Patil VR

  153. Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Antibacterial Agents Enclosing Naphtho[2,1-b]Furan, Triazole, Azetidinone and Pyrrole Ring Systems
    Shashikala Devi K, Vaidya VP*, Ramaiah M, and Asma Saqib

  154. Formulation and Evaluation of Microspheres of Atorvastatin Calcium by Particle Engineering Through Spherical Crystalisation
    Kotame RN*, Rawat SS, and Chure C

  155. Synthesis and anti-inflammatory activity of N-(Alkyl or Aryl)-2-(1H-benzotriazol-1-yl)acetamide derivatives.
    Jain NP, Upasani CD, Kalkotwar RS and Jain UN*

  156. Validated Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Memantine Hydrochloride in Tablets Using Eosin and 2,4-Dinitrofluorobenzene Reagents
    Tarek S Belal* , Mohamed S Mahrous, Hoda G Daabees, Magdi Abdel-Khalek , and Mona M Khamis

  157. Formulation and Evaluation of Stable Solid Dispersion of Anti-Protozoal Drug
    Shaikh A, Yeole PG, and Iyer D*

  158. Prediction of the three-dimensional (3D) Structure of Somatostatin Receptor Type 1 of Homo sapians by Homology Modelling
    Shasank Sekhar Swain*, Biaranchi Narayan Sahoo, Sabyasachi Mohanty, and Payodhar Padhi

  159. Effect of Sub-Acute Administration of Celecoxib on Anxiolytic Activity of Fluoxetine in Albino Mice
    Kingshuk Lahon*, Johan Pandian J, and Lavakumar S

  160. Effect of Propolis hydroalcohlic extract on induced formalin in male rat paw
    Hemmati AA, Sistani karampour N*, Hadisi L and Tavakolbekhoda N

  161. Silymarin, protects against 7,12dimethyl-benz[a] anthracene -induced hepatotoxicity in albino rats
    Mohamed SA. El-Gerbed

  162. Detection of Mutations in Ciprofloxacin Resistant Salmonella Enterica serotypes typhi and Paratyphi A
    Sudeepa Kumar M*, Vijaykumar GS, Chandrashekar SC, Veena Krishnamurthy, Prashanth HV, and Prakash R

  163. An Audit of Deferral of Blood Donors at a Tertiary Care Hospital
    Madhuri S Kate*, Preeti Jain, and Chetan K Patil

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