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Volume 13, Issue 6, 2022 (November - December)

  1. Phytochemical and Antimicrobial studies of Spermacoce / Borreria Verticillata (Rubiaceae).
    ShivamChaurasia, Piyush Yadav*, and Shashikant Maurya.
  2. To Study On Standard Precautions Among Health Care Worker.
    Arvind Kumar Patel, Manoj Kumar Yadav, and Piyush Yadav*
  3. Role Of Transdermal Drug Delivery System In Analgesics.
    Pratik Singh, Shashikant Maurya, and Piyush Yadav*.
  4. To Role of Medicinal Plant in Hyperlipidemia.
    Pooja, Shashikant Maurya, and Piyush Yadav*.
  5. An Innovative Cornerstone ForAnti-Malarial Therapy: Case Study Of Artemisinin.
    Saurabh Rajak, Piyush Yadav*, and Shivanand.
  6. Role of Medicinal Plant in Insomnia.
    Poornima Mishra, Piyush Yadav*, and Shivanand Yadav.
  7. The Role Of Computer Aided Drug Design In Drug Discovery.
    Neelam Yadav, Piyush Yadav*, and Shivanand Yadav.
  8. Adverse Effect of Carboplatin on Biochemical Enzymes And Reproductive Hormones In Male Swiss Albino Mice.
    Ojo OO*, Ayinde S, Ayegbusi EO, and Ogunbiyi BT.
  9. Synthesis of Novel Heterocyclic Fused Systems as Potential Leads Oxazino [5,6-b], Pyrazino [ 5,6-b] and Imidazolo [4,5-b]- Quinoxalines.
    Sreela Dasgupta*.
  10. Effectiveness Of Peripheral Nerve Blocks In Split Skin Grafts. Do They Offer Complete Deafferentation And Antinociception?: A Case Series.
    Parthasarathy S, Yasha V Kameshwar*, and Saranya N.
  11. Association Of Elevated Levels Of Inflammatory Markers And D-Dimer With Psychosis In COVID-19 Patients And A Brief Review Of Possible Underlying Mechanism Of COVID Psychosis- A Retrospective Study In A Tertiary Care Hospital.
    Somsubhra Chatterjee, Sankha Chatterjee, Sajeeb Mondal, and Rajashree Pradhan*.
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